Blog Spotlight: From Bangladesh to Port-Au-Prince

Three Village blogger relays the harrowing reality he witnessed in these distaster-ravaged areas.

We've got an amazing group of bloggers sharing their insights across the North Shore Patch sites. So each week we're going to single out one that's too good to be confined to one Patch.

This week the spotlight lands on , a Three Village writer who shares his travel experiences with members of our local community. This week, Kornreich recalls a past visit to Bangladesh after floods ravaged the country several years. His post sets the stage for future blogs about Haiti, a country still picking up the pieces following a disastrous earthquake in 2010 that he is visiting now.

His account is harrowing and not to be missed.

And if you'd like to join our roster of bloggers, email henry@patch.com and I can help you get set up in your local Patch.


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