Brookhaven Town Lot, Harbor Walkway Project in Port Jeff Complete

Work took six weeks and cost just under $1 million split between grants from Brookhaven and New York State.

Work to refurbish the harbor walk, repair the parking lot and remove unused fuel tanks on the Town of Brookhaven owned parking lot and walkway along the west side of was completed last week after six weeks of construction at a cost of almost $1 million.

With only minor details to be finished, the main work of the project is entirely complete, according to Brookhaven Town Councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld. 

“The maritime style dark skies lighting needs to be installed on the top of the light posts but everything else is done,” said Fiore-Rosenfeld. “The main work is the harbor walk itself.”

Temporary globe style lighting is in place on the lampposts while the town waits for the new lights to be delivered and installed. The new style will focus the light downward onto the docks, not into the sky containing some of the light pollution.

A statement from Brookhaven Town outlined the scope of the work for the harbor project that included replacing old decking with Brazilian hardwood, new lighting and posts, stainless steel handrails, wood ladders, landscaping, curbs, sidewalks, new drainage and re-paving of the entire parking lot.

With the work now complete the parking lot has been reopened with more parking spots than before.

“We gained about six or seven motorcycle spots,” Fiore-Rosenfeld said. 

Because of a New York State law concerning fuel storage the Town also had to  remove a couple of unused fuel tanks owned by Brookhaven under the guidance of the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Fiore-Rosenfeld said that the cost came to about $970,000 in total. The funds for the restoration project came from matching grants from both the Town of Brookhaven and the New York State Department of State Coastal Resources Division. The town paid about 55 percent of the costs and the state pitched in the rest of the money.

Mayor Margot Garant said that the village is grateful that Harborfront Park and the boardwalk on the east side of the harbor are now connected by this new boardwalk to the working, west side of the harbor.

In total the project took six weeks with work done by CAC, an independent contractor and Cashin Engineering. Fiore-Rosenfeld said that the town wanted everything completed in time for boating season and even though the winter weather didn’t cooperate very much the contractors did  “a great job” of getting the work done. 

He also thinks that the restoration will add to the appeal of Port Jefferson.

“The Harbor itself, and its new facelift, is the main attraction for people visiting the beautiful shops and all the wonderful amenities the village has to offer," he said.


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