For Plow Workers, Thank Yous Out of Frustrations

While locals were not pleased that roads took so long to get plowed, few faulted the workers pulling 14-hour shifts to get the snow cleared.

It may have taken days for Smithtown roads to be plowed, with officials citing equipment problems, unusually high snow totals and road icing as reasons for the delay.

But while frustrations with town leadership ran high, most members of the community wanted to thank the workers who were indeed out on the roads plowing for hours and hours. See some of their comments from our Facebook page below. Also if you want to thank anyone who helped you in the storm, maybe a neighbor who helped shovel you out, please leave them in the comments below.

  • Michael Danziger Woodview Drive was plowed out at 2AM Monday morning, clearly a long day and a late night for someone, so thank you!
  • Paul Cozzolino It's not pleasant work thank you guys/ gals
  • Vanest Avergel Thank you for getting and keeping Rose St, Landing Ave, and Burham clear early!
  • Tom Gross Thanks for all of your Enormous Efforts!
  • Sheila Nemchin Bertsch I am sure they worked very hard, I guess we just don't have enough to be everywhere and have all the streets done.
  • Kim Ackerfeld A BIG thank you to the TOS!! You guys do a great job!!
  • Patty Devine Lobianco a thank you to the workers
  • Pat Parrinelli thank you for your long and hard work
  • AnnMarie Badalamente Thank you town workers for your efforts!!! I know you are taking orders from superiors. I do not fault u one bit!!! I know it seems like a thankless job, but your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you.
  • Kathleen O'Sullivan Kelly Great BIG thank u for all those hours out in the cold!!?!
  • Vincenza Longo Lisanti This is our 1st winter in our home in Nesconset and I was completely plowed by 5 pm on Saturday. I was very pleased with their hard work and they were back again today. Thanks, guys!!!
  • Denise Z. McMahon I understand their hands were tied by the PTB. I am sure we all appreciate their efforts and time away from their families. But really? The decision makers put them all in a bad spot. Shame on them all!
  • Ines Scherzinger Hastings Thank you for swaying a little bit away from the end of my driveway while I was just finishing it up : )
Dave M. February 13, 2013 at 05:14 PM
Thank you to the plow drivers that were driving with their plows down. Glad that the sighseeing drivers were in the minority. Hopefully, they will be disciplined.


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