Good News of the Week: The Smiley Park; Boy Band Delivers

Some stories put a smile on your face. Here's our wrap-up from around Northern Suffolk and the East End.

As a local news organization, Patch covers stories of all kinds, from heartbreaking tragedies to nitty-gritty breakdowns of government and school district issues. But some stories are simply inspiring, often showing that at the heart of our communities is a desire to do good. Here are some of the touching headlines from the past seven days.

Volunteers from across the North Shore are trying to raise money to preserve a huge smiley face on a small hill in Heritage Park in Mt. Sinai.

Fred Drewes, chairman of Heritage Park's Farm Committee, told Patch that in 2004 volunteers planted 7,500 crocus bulbs to form the smiley face, and the display lasted for two years. Since then, the park has preserved the landmark by mowing a smiley face into the lawn.

Volunteers at the Heritage Trust want to plant 3,500 daffodils on Oct. 6 so the 50-foot face will bloom again in spring, and they will be asking for $15 donations from visitors to help cover those costs.

"Five varieties of daffodils will be planted on the north end of Heritage Park's play knoll," said Drewes. "The eyes, mouth and circle of the head will be daffodils that once planted will thicken."

British pop group One Direction took the time this week to post a YouTube response to Port Jefferson teen who had picked up a lot of attention for her plea to meet her favorite band.

Melena Butera, who has Down Syndrome, has been a huge fan for years, and so far thousands of people have flocked to her Facebook campaign to help make a meeting between her and the band a possibility for her 16th birthday.

On Thursday the girls received a video in an email from band member Niall Horan where he says that he saw Melena's video and called it "absolutely incredible."

Lantern tours of the picturesque village of East Hampton have returned now that the craze of summer has slowed down on the East End.

East Hampton’s Town Crier Hugh King, Richard Barons, the 's executive director, and Barbara Borsack, a society trustee and the village's deputy mayor will lead the tours that how off Main Street and East Hampton historic buildings such as ,  and .

All tours begin at Clinton Academy at 7 p.m. and cost $15 a person. For reservations, call the .

Patch readers were happy to be alerted this week by the announcement of Smithtown couple Alyson Bollhofer and Christopher Hernandez's wedding engagement. We wish you both the best.


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