Local GoFundMe Campaign Starts For Puppy Mill Survivors

Improve and protect the lives of animals by learning about puppy mills and what you can do to help.

Save-A-Pet-Animal Rescue and Adoption said people are forgetting that when you purchase an animal from a pet store it might have come from a puppy mill, where they are treated horribly. The adoption center is working hard to bring awareness and raise at least $5000 to help save these animals. 

The GoFundMe page reads:

While their puppies are shipped across the country to be sold in pet stores, the parent dogs at puppy mills are bred over and over again until they are deemed unprofitable and useless, never to know love or a real home. The mills we pull these dogs out of treat them like livestock. They are kept in overcrowded cages and get the minimal standard of care. They get no interaction with people and come to us with many medical problems such as broken jaws,rotted teeth from poor nutrition,  mammary tumors, eye infections, broken limbs, the list goes on. Save-A-Pet insures that every puppy mill survivor gets spayed/nuetered and the proper medical treatment he/she needs. Then we carefully place them in real homes....something they have never experienced. 

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center: We are dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abandoned and abused animals. We house about 100 furry orphans, treat them for any medical conditions at our low cost clinic and find wonderful, loving homes for them. Our dedicated staff and volunteers work around the clock 365 days a year to care for the underdogs and cats of Long Island and beyond. Our puppy mill awareness campaigns are important to us as we rally for legislation changes that will protect and improve the lives of all companion animals. To date we have rescued over 200 puppy mill survivors. www.saveapetli.org 


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