UPDATE: Newly Adopted Dog Still Missing In The Village, Possibly In Setauket

Marcy, who went missing on Nov. 26, has remained uncaught as the volunteer search continues.

Last week a recently adopted dog, Marcy, hopped through the fence of her new home and got lost in the woods somewhere in Port Jefferson Village. Since then, numerous volunteers have been searching the area day and night looking for her. 

Three days after she went missing, she was seen crossing Main Street heading to the USA Gas Station. However, before she could cross a car hit her twice. One of the drivers got out to help Marcy, but the extremely frightened dog ran off into the woods behind the gas station.

Volunteer’s hopes grew dim as their searched continued for another couple of days with no sight of Marcy.

Then the group got a Thanksgiving gift when Marcy was spotted limping, but alive as she ran through neighbors’ driveways. Volunteers rushed to the scene but were unable to get her and the skittish dog once again took off into hiding. Unfortunately, that was the last time she has been seen. 

UPDATE from Mark Freeley a volunteer with Last Chance Animal Rescue from Dec 4 8:36 p.m.:

We just received a report of a possible sighting of her on Lower Sheep Pasture in Setauket. The report was a dog fitting her general description on Lower Sheep Pasture west of Gnarled Hollow on North side trying to get food from a garbage can. 

UPDATE from Kathryn Huber from Dec. 3: 

We started Saturday with 3 of us monitoring the traps round the clock and we've grown to 17 (thank goodness!) The traps are monitored every 3 hours, day & night. So far we've caught 4 raccoons and a cat, all released safely, although that cat was pissed!
Marcy's foster mom and 3 other volunteers ran to Brookhaven Animal Shelter this morning after a call to Selden Emergency Vet yesterday revealed they shipped 2 small female labs to the Shelter Sunday night (they never called us saying 2 strays came in).  Unfortunately, it wasn't her. We called on the post of a lab found in Smithtown--not her. And if one more person calls about that 60+ pound MALE dog found in Ronkonkoma, I think Christina is going to throw her cell phone out!!
We're getting trail cams installed (I believe tonight both will be up). Anything triggering the motion detector on the cams will be photographed, so we can see if Marcy's still in the area and stealing some of the food, as we suspect she is! With no sightings since Friday at 5pm, we're getting worried, but we're not easing up.  She went from Tues-Fri with no sightings. There's a lot of woods back there with 100's of places for her to hide. We're hopeful we'll find a skinnier, limping Marcy in one of the traps!

Jennifer Lauren December 07, 2013 at 08:36 PM
Hi, I'm not sure who I can contact. I went to the 711 on Boyle road and there was a sign on the redox stating that a yellow lab was found on December 7th with a phone number. Please contact me for it if Marcy has not been found.
Americanivory December 08, 2013 at 10:27 AM
Jennifer - call Brookhaven Animal Shelter TODAY


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