Odells Owned Market on West Broadway in Port Jefferson

We asked you to guess who was in this photo.

This week we asked people to guess who the Port Jefferson residents and business owners were in this picture.

According to Port Jefferson village's historical archive this is a picture of George and Janet Odell, who owned Odell’s Market on West Broadway in Port Jefferson.

Resident Sandra Swenk says that the Odells were lifetime residents of Port Jefferson and operated a grocery/meat market on the corner of Beach and West Broadway for many years. It was at the same location that Custom Cafe and Deli.

"George's father preceded him with the business," she said.

The Odells themselves were local historians of sorts both being active members of the Historical Society of Greater Port Jefferson and the First United Methodist Church.

"People would seek them about anything going on in the village, past and present," Swenk said. "Both have passed on now, George at the Vets Home and then Janet at Jefferson Ferry."

Did you ever go to Odell's Market.

Gary Gudzik December 06, 2012 at 04:43 AM
I went to Odell's frequently as a child, as my family owned the boat showroom across the street, and I grew up around the corner on Brook Road. I actually think Fudgesicles tasted better out of their freezer case than anywhere else...or perhaps it's just nostalgia playing tricks on my mind. They were the friendliest people, and always allowed us to have a "penny candy" from the counter before we left the store (I'm sure that in the seventies, they were actually nickel or dime candies, but they still called them penny candies). To ring you up, Mr. Odell would pull a pencil from behind his ear, mark down the prices on a brown paper bag, total them in his head, and then load up your items into the bag. No need for a bar code reader or digital cash register. I will always remember Odell's as the last, best, true "Mom and Pop" store in town.
Joneta Burke January 01, 2013 at 07:15 PM
George O'Dell was my Uncle. His mother Ann Amelia Burke and my grandfather Robert Arthur Burke were brother and sister. George and Janet have a son Richard and he is on the Wall Of Fame at the high school. My dad James F. Burke is on the Wall Of Fame too. All of these people are at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Port Jefferson if you ever want to stop by and visit.


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