Old Town Blooms Begin To Plant Daffodils Along Old Town Road

A team of volunteers begin to plant bulbs that will appear in the spring decorating Old Town Road with a set of beautiful yellow daffodils.

 Craig den Hartog, owner of Emerald Magic Lawn Care has taken a special interest in a new community project for the past five years.

The project started with a few hundred bulbs and has been expanding ever since.  In the past five years, Old Town Blooms has planted over 8,000 bulbs along the road that connects so many different neighborhoods, school districts and towns.    

The idea behind the project is to "rejuvenate the neighborhood" and "bring color and beauty to our roads and communities," said Hartog. "By getting the community involved and adding color and beauty to the road that connects so many of us, we feel we can rejuvenate the sense of community and remind one another that we are a team and we all care about the same thing. As a community we will stand together to beautify our neighborhoods and take pride in the work that we do."

You can volunteer to help or donate by visiting the Old Town Blooms website.

Check out the gallery above taken from the Old Town Blooms volunteers. 

Want to get involved? Comment below. 


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