On Main Street, Some Things Never Change [Video]

Compare the buildings in historical image to a modern photo.

On Wednesday, where a historical photo was taken in Port Jefferson. The first one off the mark was who rightly guessed that it was taken on Main Street in Upper Port Jefferson.

"It is just north of the LIRR tracks in the vicinity of Perry Street looking north by north west," he wrote in the comments.

On Facebook, Christine Zichittella-Heeren was the first to guess right describing the photo as being taken "by the train station looking north."

Chuck also took up the challenge of submitting a modern version of the scene. You can see that some of the same buildings on Upper Main Street still stand, including the .

Watch the video that shows a transition from the old to new photos of Main Street in Upper Port Jefferson. Also click through the gallery to see the different comparisons of the new and old photos.

The historical photo is courtesy of the Port Jefferson village archive. See the original photo on portjeff.com here.


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