Photo Blog: A Different View of Port Jeff

Drew Linsalata posted photos on his blog of Port Jefferson from a different perspective.

Amateur photographer, Drew Linsalata was in Port Jefferson walking around with his camera when he noticed that a man and his son were playing on the sand under the boardwalk. He never noticed that part of the boardwalk before and thought he’d investigate and snap a few pictures. What he came up with was a group of shots of a rarely seen perspective of Port Jefferson.

“I thought it might be fun to hop down off the seawall and see what I could see under there,” he said in an email. “It came as a surprise that there was that interesting circular opening, which combined with the light that day made things pretty interesting under there from a visual standpoint.”

He said that he thought it was odd that the first time he even noticed the architectural feature it was from below.

“A vantage point the designers were likely not anticipating,” he said.

Linsalata has been a resident of Port Jefferson Station for 11 years and says that he is a "40-something guy" living on Long Island "with my wife, two daughters and a dog." He says he plans to go back to the site to photograph the boardwalk from above.

“Probably not nearly as visually interesting from that angle,” he said. “But it would make for a nice companion set to the original shots.”

You can see the set of photos on Flickr here. Read his blog post about his photos on his Renegade Neurons blog here and get the details on his camera and shooting effects.


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