What Port Jefferson People Want In 2014

Patch asked readers what they want to see come in 2014, here's what they had to say and add your thoughts too.

On Thursday we asked readers on the Port Jefferson Patch Facebook Page, “What do you want to see happen in Port Jefferson in 2014?.”

Here are their several of their comments. Feel free to add yours to the comment section below:

Jacquelyn Smith Kirsch I want the road work to be finished finally!!!!

Rudy Buynoch I second that! Took me 15 min to get from the train to Boys and Girls Club on Boyle t pick my kids up

Dyanna Wiermann Pelella See things cleaned up from the bowling alley going north down 112

Danny Young I agree with Dyanna. Cleaning that area up has been put off and ignored for a long time.

Kathy Devlin- Huber Find Marcy 

Andy Ottaka maybe we can get the town to start enforcing the law on all of the illegal apartments that are housing multiple families and bringing down our neighborhoods, and our home values

Christine Amoroso Mattera Crack down on illegal rentals and slum lords...I've lived here all my life and its been going on since I was a teenager and has only gotten worse.

Susan Engels Bayer I would like to see a crack down of the illegal apartments in the area and all the illegals that are in the apartments. Garbage piling up outside of houses, lots of cars parked all over the lawns and streets, it makes the community look run down!!! There are a lot of people in our community who work hard to keep what they have looking nice.

Danny Young Andy I would love nothing more then to see that happen! If there as anyway we could get this to happen I am sure the support from the community would be overwhelming.

Christine Buggeln Bausenwein Idk but at least around Clinton avenue school the amount of absentee landlords that illegally rent their houses out to multiple families or become slumlords seems to be increasing. I have friends that live in that area and they say no amount of calls do anything. Even when drugs are involved. Having an apt in your own home is one thing. But taking a house and renting it out to 10 or so people, some who may not even be here legally is a HUGE problem in PJS and has gotten worse, not better over the past 12 years I have been here. It would be nice to see that taken care of and the area around Clinton avenue restored to a better state for the families that live there.

John Yeamans We need a YMCA !!

Katie Clark More cable and Internet providers. I am so tired of dealing with cable vision. I cancelled cable because I just couldn't deal with their horrible customer service and crazy prices. It would be nice for some more competition to come to the area.

David Fortion Orlowski A motorcycle show or somthing in that line.it would be big

Kevin Judd Fix the area by Terryville road and Norwood Ave. I believe it is addressed in the DoT's macro plan for 347 though.

Kevin Judd Sonic over Chic Fil A

Barbara Piazza Sonic


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