Where Are All The Potholes In Town?

Officials from the Town of Brookhaven said they are doing their best to find them and repair them.

Potholes have formed all over the Town of Brookhaven due to extreme weather conditions. The area has faced negative wind chills, snowfall, and rain on and off for the past two weeks. This has caused a major set of road problems from cracked streets to potholes.

"The Highway Department currently has crews deployed throughout Brookhaven Town working to repair potholes. Thanks to above average temperatures, asphalt plants are open to supply hot mix material for these repairs," said Frank Petrignani, the highway department's communications director, in an email. 

"The Department will continue its use of hot mix asphalt until the plants once again close. In the absence of hot mix, cold patch material will be used to continue addressing pothole repair."

Where have you seen potholes? Let us know in the comments or snap a picture and post it to our Around Town Section. Or call the Highway Department at 631-451-9200 to report it.


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