Wind Gusts Continue To Cause Havoc For Brookhaven Workers

Gusts of up to 40 mph continue to blow snow back onto recently plowed roads making driving extremely dangerous.

Frank Petrignani, Spokesman for Superintendent of Highways, Dan Losquardo, said although the town has been working tirelessly, their efforts have been hindered by the huge wind gusts that continue to pour snow back onto the roadways.

"At this time and throughout the night all of the Brookhaven employees and outside contractors have continued to work to plow all of the town roads in Brookhaven,' said Petrignani in a phone interview Friday. 

"Right now we have all of our town resources being used towards snow removal and we have been also working with the Parks and Waste Management Department within Brookhaven town in addition to outside vendors to supplement our inside resources."

Although the town has been making efforts all night, it continues to face challenges as wind gusts of up to 40 mph continue to blow snow back onto the roads causing the plows to make additional trips down town roads. 

"We have gotten to all of the main arteries and the second streets with the plows. So right now we are doing second and third pass throughs," said Petrignani. 

"However we are stressing for residents to stay off the roads if possible...although we are out in full force plowing roads, some of that snow is being thrown back on the roads due to the wind gusts continuing to make it dangerous for drivers. It makes it easier for our operations to keep the roads clear."


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