Controversial Documentary to Play at Theatre Three

Film director Mary Ann Smothers Bruni's documentary brings awareness to "toxic traditions."

On Monday, March 14, the Village Cinema will be hosting the second installment of the six part at .

Premiering on the Main Stage is Greater Port Jefferson Arts Council and Northern Brookhaven Arts Council member Honey Katz’s selection, Quest For Honor, one of the fifteen films that were considered for an Academy Award nomination this previous award season.

"We look for films that touch us on many levels. We’re not afraid to deal with topics that are controversial- but there must be a human connection. We need to care deeply about the people in the film," said Katz. "If we don’t identify with the people on the screen in some way, the film is really not discussing a profound truth on any level."

After finding a list of documentaries under consideration for the Oscars, Katz got in direct contact with the film’s director, Mary Ann Smothers Bruni. Katz and her fellow council members then received a personal invitation to have a dinner in Manhattan and attend a private screening with official judges of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

The film follows the rough and disturbing story of how a video journalist and a reporter investigate the shooting of a widowed Kurdish woman (Nesrin) who is shot and left for dead in what is supposed to be a designated Safe House after her in-laws have taken her children away from her. Through a series of investigations and interviews, the Women’s Media Center peruses not only the truth behind such "honor killings" but a way to reach and enlighten others about the importance of ending other "toxic traditions."

"Men and women of all countries need to know that these horrific acts are still being carried out," said Mrs. Katz. "We must all stand against them."

Director Mary Ann Smothers Bruni will be stopping at the series before continuing on touring and make more appearances at screenings all over the world, even in some locations that are averse to her.

"She is truly one of the bravest women I have ever met," said Katz. "She is determined to tell this story and fight against the practice."

Smothers Bruni is one guest speaker not to be missed. Having participated in an on-sight investigation of an "honor killing," she gained access to both the family who were responsible for Nesrin’s murder as well as her children.

"The picture that they presented was all the more chilling, because horrific events were described in a casual way," said Katz.

The director also interviewed women who were targets for "honor killings" while uncovering programs that are already in place in northern Iraq with one mission: to save their lives.

What makes this festival enjoyable is the excitement and devotion shown by everyone who is involved from the selection committee to the volunteers that assist in running the program.

"They all love film and realize that this media is more powerful than any other in creating empathy and conveying knowledge," said Mrs. Katz. "The members of the committee are very close and are dedicated to tell these most important stories."

Tickets for each show are $5.00. Screenings start at 7 p.m. and usually run at least two hours in length.

For more information visit www.gpjac.org/villagecinema.html

For more information on Quest For Honor, visit the official website at http://questforhonor.com/the-film/


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