Dynamic Duo Continues To Heat Up Art Scene With Fun and Wild Exhibit

Art scene heats up even more with the exhibit of the vibrant, vivid and engaging work of twin brothers Ocean and River Clark.

The weather might be cooling down, but the art scene in lower Port Jefferson keeps getting hotter. This month, the in Chandler Square will be exhibiting the work of artistic duo Ocean and River Clark. Their collaborative collection of vivid, wild paintings and photographs are guaranteed to stop the pre-holiday traffic in their tracks.

Since developing a love of photography by the age of six, River Clark has created a reputable name for himself in the industry. By the age of 22, he sold three prints to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.  With his arsenal of Canon cameras, River works on his photography every single day, coming up with new and original ideas.

"I just keep shooting over and over until I get it right," said River.

His work is both energetic and engaging in a way that transports the viewer directly into the action of the image. His pieces, usually featuring nude female models ranges between simplistic, organic black and white prints to bold, larger than life graphic and edgy fashion shots.

Gazing at the large canvases, it is evident that River continues to remain inspired by his personal friend and professional photographer, the late Helmut Newton.

"He encouraged me to stick with photography," said River. "Sure a picture can be sexy, but if it's sexy with a sense of humor behind it, it makes people stop and think."

There is also a definite pulsating rhythm present in the bright, attractive acrylic paintings that make up Ocean Clark's portfolio. Inspired by music and iconic artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso, Ocean's work is both humorous and spontaneous.

"I like to play and paint what I feel," Ocean said. "I like the artists that had fun with their work."

The twin brothers share a long history of exhibiting their photographs and paintings together, along with a 22,000 square foot space in Hoboken where they continue to work side by side. Each room serves as a different, ready made set for all of their personal and professional projects.

 The playfulness of their art is further reflected in the cheerful attitude and expressions of the crowd moving about the spacious gallery. Over wine and hors d' oeuvres, fans and supporters of all ages discuss their work and learn about their collaborative process. From overhearing the many conversations, it is apparent that the brothers have created something unique and effective.  

Imagine Art Gallery will be exhibiting their work through out November. To view additional work, visit their websites at www.oceanclark.com and  www.riverclark.com


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