Second Stage Provides First Rate Entertainment

Audience becomes engaged in humorous and dramatic works by aspiring playwrights.

The Fourteenth Annual Festival Of at Theater Three proves that you don’t need a full-length script or a large space in order to create an entertaining production that features rich characters and diverse subject matter.

Each evening performance of the festival starts with the premiere of Robert White’s drama, Cocktails, Anyone? in which a group of weary friends await the late arrival of  a tremulous couple, John and Cassie. For the first few moments, everyone exchanges humorous memories of their good times together. Within a matter of minutes, the relaxed dinner party atmosphere becomes downright painful and humiliating for recovering alcoholic Cassie. 

Next, the fast paced, contemporary piece FINDINGLOVE@.COM playfully examines the universal subject of how two strangers connect, or rather do not connect online.

David Hall’s debut, The Body Politic hurls an unsuspecting bank manager into the everyday life in a dangerous part of an imaginary town. The play starts out as a witty, sarcastic “fish out of water” story and then suddenly turns into something far more sinister and disturbing. This rather lengthy piece becomes an unending downward spiral that effectively causes audience members to continuously shift in their seats.

Providing a much needed break in the rather dark lineup of the festival, is the light hearted comedy Fair Enough, about a divorced man who tries to pick up a studious appearing young woman at the library.

Symphony For Two, In L Minor by Jeremy Grimmer tackles the painful issue of infidelity in a realistic and brutally frank manner. The two hour and fifteen minute long show wraps up with fourth time returning playwright Frank Tangredi’s tale, Solitary, in which two estranged brothers address their disintegrating relationship after one of them is released from prison for having served a sentence for statutory rape.

The tightness of the writing combined with the intimate space of the lower level Ronald F. Peierls Theater enhances both the actors’ performances and engages the audience on a much more personable level than other large venues.   

This close environement effectively places member of the audience smack dab in to the middle of the action during the more dramatic moments in The Body Politic and Solitary- both which feature demanding, physical fights between two of their main characters. The chemistry between the cast members is as wonderful and enjoyable as their performances. While the majority of the content tends to be serious, the thoughtfully placed one acts successfully alternate between multiple genres-creating a fast paced two hour show designed to satisfy all dramatic tastes.

The Fourteenth Annual Festival Of One Act Plays continues it’s run during the week and weekend throughout the month of March. For additional schedule information and to order tickets, visit the Theater Three Website or call the box office at (631) 928-9100. Tickets are $14.00.


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