Treasure Island Creator Blogs About Theatre Three Production

Sherman Yellen was part of a trio who put together the musical showing locally.

The creators of the musical version of the Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island were in Port Jefferson on Sunday to see the play performed by Theatre Three, the first time they had the opportunity to experience a full production.

As one of the creators Sherman Yellen recounts in his blog post on Huffington Post, after writing the play 30 years ago, it never saw the light of day until Theatre Three's executive director Jeffrey Sanzel saved it from the dustbin of Broadway history.

Yellen writes in his blog:

Alas, the producer of the work died suddenly and the musical found its way into that proverbial trunk until this year (30 years later) when Jeffrey Sanzel, a remarkable young producer/director at Theatre Three in Port Jefferson, Long Island, read the libretto, listened to an old recording of the score and decided to offer it to his audience, treating it as a jewel in his jewel box theater.

As he sat beside the play's fellow creators (Gary William Friedman, who composed the music and Will Holt, who wrote the lyrics) Yellen beamed.

"It was more than a show for me: it was a celebration," he wrote.

Click here to read the full blog post on Huffington Post.


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