A Taste of the Beers of Port Jefferson Brewing Company

A preview of some of the various beer offerings that will be available from Port Jefferson Brewing Company when it opens in July.

With its , Port Jefferson Brewing Company is primed to provide craft beer enthusiasts with an initial line-up consisting of four signature beers available for production and distribution year-round. In addition, owner and head brewer Michael Philbrick plans to introduce seasonal releases throughout the year, as well as exclusive brews specifically created for bars and restaurants within Port Jefferson Village.

Here is Port Jefferson Brewing Company's prospective beer line-up:

Name: Schooner Ale
Style: American Pale Ale

Description: Referred to by Philbrick as Port Jefferson Brewing Company's "flagship brew," Schooner Ale―a continuously-hopped (which creates extended bitterness),  6.1% ABV (alcohol by volume) American Pale Ale―is light, citrusy, and designed for session-friendly situations. "I tend to make beers heavier in alcohol," said Philbrick, "but I wanted to create a more accessible beer, something to introduce the non-craft beer drinkers to craft beer."
Name: Port Jeff Porter
Style: Porter

Description: Port Jeff Porter blends four different malts―Maris Otter, Black Patent, Caramel, Chocolate―and a touch of local organic honey from John Condzella's farm in Wading River to generate a harmonious 5.3% ABV Porter that inimitably exhibits the craft beer connection that exists between the land and those that inhabit and create with it. Its description states "this porter will have you dreaming of fair winds and following seas."

Name: Ryes-N-Bock
Style: Weizenbock

Description: Influenced by one of Philbrick's favorite beers, Victory Brewing Company Moonglow, Ryes-N-Bock is actually a Weizenbock recipe that employs rye instead of traditionally-used wheat. Also utilizing German yeast from Weihenstephan, the oldest still-operating brewery in the world, this full-bodied, 7.3% homage produces a distinct aroma of banana and clove. Perfect for any season.

Name: Runaway Ferry IPA
Style: Imperial/Double IPA

Description: "I set out to push the limits of how many hops I could use before it simply destroys your pallet," explained Philbrick of Runaway Ferry's brewing process, which includes an initial mash of whole flower hops within the grain, a continued hop addition throughout the 90 minute boil and further dry-hopping during fermentation. Plans are to serve growlers of the 9.2% ABV, meaty-flavored (due to its smoked malt) IPA through a Hop Randall, a filtration system that runs draft beer over fresh hops for added aroma. 

Name: Boo Brew
Style: Pumpkin Ale

Description: Comprised of boiled organic pumpkin, molasses, nutmeg, cinnamon and Philbrick's own secret amalgamation of specialty spices, the amber-hued, 5.4% ABV Boo Brew, Port Jefferson Brewing Company's Halloween-themed autumn seasonal, provides all of the treat with no tricks.

Name: Cold North Wind
Style: American Barleywine

Description: A fortunately unfortunate mishap best characterizes Port Jefferson Brewing Company's intricate, 9.5% ABV American Barleywine, Cold North Wind. "It happened by accident," said Philbrick of its formation, initiated by the convergence of eight different malts. "I just didn't have enough of one malt for a base." Though the North Wind imparts a potent bitterness, it is this, the complexity of its malt profile, that dominates the copper-colored brew. A definitive winter warmer.


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