Bottles of Port Jeff Brewery's "Flagship" Schooner Ale Now Available

Brew on tap since day one can now be bought in 22-ounce bottles.

Schooner Ale is now available in 22-ounce bottles, according to Michael Philbrick, owner of the brewery located in Chandler Square in the village. He released the bottled version on June 27.

Philbrick was pouring aboard the HMS Bounty during the on the tall ship this Sunday. The Bounty was in the village all weekend .

He decribed the American Pale Ale-style brew to Patch as accessible to the casual beer drinker .

"I tend to make beers heavier in alcohol," said Philbrick, "but I wanted to create a more accessible beer, something to introduce the non-craft beer drinkers to craft beer."

In April, the brewer released a 22-ounce "four-malt, honey-smooth porter," according to a post by beer blogger and Patch contributor Niko Krommydas.

He also blogged about the Schooner Ale bottle release.

“We released the Schooner as our second in the series after the success we saw with our initial Port Jeff Porter release,” Philbrick told Krommydas.


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