Flatbush Fig Farm Partners with Sycamore for Valentine's Day

A father-sons team is selling their home-grown product to benefit a local community garden.


Tired of receiving flowers from your sweetheart? Well then, you're in luck because two local businesses have teamed up to offer something unique for the most romantic day of the year. 

For Valentine's Day, Sycamore Flowershop will sell fig cuttings supplied by Flatbush Fig Farm, a local father-sons business. 

"My sons and I sell fig tree cuttings that we grow in our backyard and living room," said Nelson Ryland.

Ryland said he and his sons use the profits to support local causes they like, including the Flatbush Community Garden, which he has been a member of for years.

The fig-growing endeavor also serves as a family-bonding experience. 

"The result is we spend time together getting messy, making stuff and the kids earn their allowance for helping grow trees," Ryland said. "Last year we donated $340 to the Flatbush Community Garden. We hope to top that this year."

"My sons are really little [ages one, five and seven] so we take additional profits and together we pick out a 'goal,'' he continued. "This year we hope to buy the lego Star Wars Death Star. Ill let you know if we are successful!"  

Sycamore's flowershop, Stems, will sell the cuttings for $20 each. 

"The cuttings, if kept in fresh water, will grow roots and can be planted in a pot or outdoors in early Spring," Ryland said. "A fig cutting can grow up to [four or five] feet in one season... and have edible figs at the end of the second season."

Two varieties of fig cuttings will be sold at the flowershop. One option is the "Flatbush Dark," which has a "ripe peach" flavor, small dark fruit with a red velvet interior and have been grown in the Ryland family yard for decades.

The Ryland's other variety comes from a tree in the Flatbush Community Garden that they dubbed "Flatbush White."  "It has a slight honey flavor and produces larger ... yellow fruit and bright red interior," he said. "We are giving 100 percent of the purchase price of the first ten cuttings sold to the Flatbush Community Garden." 


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