Get Lucky Before Valentine's Day At Port Jeff Liquors

Enter for your chance to win a free bottle of Jonnie Walker Platinum as a show of gratitude towards Port Jefferson residents.

In November, Stephen Plunkett, owner of Port Jeff Liquors, said he searched high and low for the proper location to open a store. “I searched all over Long Island looking for a place where they wasn't already an established liquor store and I found there wasn’t one in Port Jefferson Village. I was surprised no on beat me to it,” said Plunkett.

Now to show his appreciation Plunkett is hosting a raffle on Feb. 12 for a free bottle of Jonnie Walker Platinum. Plunkett said it's really easy to enter in his contest. All you have to do is head over to his Facebook page and like it or send him an email at steve@portjeffliquors.com.

"[In addition] By signing up they will get free wine and whiskey tasting dates and info, as well as coupons and specials," said Plunkett in an email. "I will post a video of the drawing on facebook on Feb. 12 and email the winner."
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