Port Jeff Station Guitar Pedal Maker Rocks You Tube

Local small business, Pigtronix, featured in a business story about their You Tube marketing strategy.

Aerosmith, Los Lobos and Grateful Dead all have one thing in common. These bands have members who all use guitar effects pedals made by Port Jefferson Station-based manufacturer Pigtronix.

With brand names like Fat Drive, Mothership and Philosopher’s Tone, you just know they have to rock and that’s what this small business tries to show with its YouTube channel promoting their products.

In an article on Bloomberg Business Week’s website, reporter David Rocks (ahem), writes about Pigtronix’s YouTube strategy featuring famous musicians talking about and performing with their pedals.

“YouTube is a core part of our marketing strategy,” Pigtronix co-founder Dave Koltai told Rocks. The company has about 80 videos on their channel with around 670,000 views, according to the article.

In one video linked to in the story, Phil Lesh, bassist for the Grateful Dead, gets excited about the Echolution pedal. In another, Ginny Luke, violinist for Meat Loaf, does an awesome job of testing out Pigtronix’s PolySaturator pedal on her electric violin.

Read the story on Bloomberg Business Week’s website and enjoy checking out Pigtronix’s YouTube videos.


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