Port Jefferson Brewing Company to Release Year-Round Bottles

Owner Michael Philbrick is meeting demand for bottles of his beer.

A new beer will be available in a 22-oz. bottles from , according to a post by beer blogger and Patch contributor Niko Krommydas.

The beer will ferment in the bottle, which owner and brewmaster Michael Philbrick is quoted in the article as saying "ensures better shelf life and sustained freshness, as the yeast cleans up the shortcomings of bad handling."

The "four-malt, honey-smooth porter" was released April 16 and will help distribute the Port Jefferson based beer to non-draft clients of the brewery. Krommydas said that while this is not the first of the Port Jefferson brewer’s beers to be bottled, it’s the first to be released in a 22-oz. format year-round.

“He's released two runs of Porter bottles (750ml) from the first batch he brewed at the brewery,” the beer blogger said. “He's releasing the third in October.”

(Read more about those first and second runs.)

Philbrick has plans for three more bottled beers in the future.

To read the entire story, click over to Krommydas’ blog post here.


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