Do you procrastinate? Are you, right now, sitting with the uncomfortableness of things left undone? Find out how to overcome it and how it affects your life.

Who hasn’t put off something in their lives?  It’s those pesky projects that we think will take an inordinate amount of time to accomplish or maybe it’s talking about a serious issue with someone we care about.  Maybe you are procrastinating about a conflict you are avoiding, going to the doctor’s, losing weight, giving up an addictive substance, a project at work, going to therapy…

How many of us procrastinate on making our dreams come true?  How many of us sit with the uncomfortableness of things left undone?

Procrastination is a funny thing.  We think that by avoiding things, it will be easier and somehow it could be better in the long run–at least that’s what we tell ourselves.  Who knows–maybe someone will rescue you from your responsibility?  Or, maybe it will just go away.  Maybe you’ll receive a lot of attention if it isn’t completed. Maybe if it isn’t done, it excuses you from having to be perfect. Or, maybe you lack a good way of motivating yourself.  What’s your excuse?

How does procrastination add to your life?  It adds a lot of stress–a lot of psychic energy is focused on squelching that gnawing notion that things are left undone, and your dreams of living a better life–because you are putting off something–are left hanging.  You are 100% responsible for your life.  That 30 pounds that crept up on you?  Totally on you.  That junk drawer that spiraled out of control and now you have no idea where the dog’s leash, extra key, and spare twenty you were saving for a rainy day–well, others may have contributed to the junk, but why procrastinate on becoming more organized?  Heck, get everyone on board!

How ’bout that talk you’ve been meaning to have with your teen about sex, texting, or drinking and drugs?  Or, saying “I’m sorry” to someone you’ve still not made up with even though you can’t remember what you argued about.  Life is way to short to let procrastination become your M.O. (modus operandi).

Starting today, make a list of what you’ve been procrastinating about.  Then, knock off the things on your list.  Notice your thoughts before doing the task (are you negative about it? Are there other thoughts you could replace them with?) and afterwards.  Check in with how you feel after you’ve accomplished your task.  Probably feels something like exhilarating -or at least a relief from a burden that’s been lifted off your shoulders.  Remember this feeling for the next time you want to procrastinate.  Remember, you don’t have to listen to your self-talk if you don’t want to–find other, more empowering and life-enhancing ways to motivate yourself to take action toward your best life!

A life coach can help you move past your barriers like procrastination so that you can be living your best life.  Often, we fail to see our own shortcomings because we are just too close to see them–or their solutions.  A trained coach can be a different and useful perspective that can help you move past your blocks and clarify what you need to get done.  They give you motivation, clarity, direction, and support to accomplish what it is you came here to do–live life on purpose!

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