Blog Roundup: 5 Patch Blogs You May Have Missed

A look at what some of our Local Voices bloggers had to say.

From business to health, entertainment to history, our Local Voices bloggers are important Patch contributors. Here's a recap of what our bloggers had to say this week. Do you want to share your own voice with Patch as a Local Voices blogger? Email the editor for more information.

Surviving the Storm

Carlisle Johnny blogs about how he plans to prepare the pending arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Halloween "Spirits"

Richard Mora tells us all about some fall flavors in "spirits." The kind that get you tipsy not terrorized. He also feeds us a few recipies to help liven up that Halloween party.

Why Isn't My House Selling?

Ever ask yourself that question? Well, real estate agent Geri DeRosa Ertle tells you why and gives out her advice.

An Electrifying Debat on Electrical Costs

Canidate for state Senate, Bridget Fleming, talks about why she thinks Long Islanders are paying such high energy costs.

Ask The Expert Health Blog

Doctors from St. Charles Hospital are blogging about health issues. This week, Orthopedic Surgeon Nakul Karkare talks total joint replacement.


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