Bloggers Talk Wellness, Pets and Review Local Productions

A wrap up of last week's blog posts on Port Jefferson Patch.

Our bloggers cover everything from politics to the best places to hang out for teens. Here are highlights of blog posts from the last week on Port Jefferson Patch.

wrote about the benefits of pets to your wellness. "Can you name one medication that can lower blood pressure, boost our immune system, increase motivation, lessen the impact of depression, help with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), decrease feelings of loneliness , elevate self-image, and help cultivate our ability to trust?" asks Lindner. Read her post on

A blogger named wrote about the Mobil gas station he passes on the way to work every day. "Each day my commute takes me down Route 112, North Ocean Avenue and the LIE," John wrote. "On my way to and from work I pass six gas stations: two Hess', a Coastal, one Gulf and a Mobil. Every day I take a mental note of who has the cheapest gas." Read about

Librarian wrote about the display cases at the front of the . "As you enter the Port Jefferson Free library, you will notice two display cases in our vestibule," writes Winter. "We have a tall case and a flat case positioned on either side of the automatic doors. These cases are available to display the artwork or collections of local residents." Read all about how

We heard from , the owner of , this week as well. She spoke about Trigger, the soldier's dog from Afghanistan who was . "Trigger was a free agent on the military base. He was never on a leash or even wore a collar, things that are standard here in the States," wrote Carrano. "He lived amongst soldiers. Here, he would have to integrate with children, dogs, cats and whomever else was in his soldiers' civilian life." Read about .

said that he was a little dissapointed in the latest production at Theatre Three. "Having my roots in the study of theater and drama, it is hard to say anything disparaging about a show," Makofsky wrote. This is especially true if it is done by Theatre Three, a regional theater that I have admired since the late 1970’s when, as a recent college graduate, I was awed by their production of Look Back in Anger." Read his

Also, librarian Monica Williams wrote about and Justin Weeks .

There were plenty more blogs posted this week so make sure you check out our Local Voices section to read them all. If you'd like to become a Port Jefferson Patch blogger, send an email to editor Lon Cohen.


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