PHOTOS: During and After the Flood in Port Jefferson

Flip between these two pictures taken on Friday to see how high the flood waters rose.

On Friday afternoon, a torrential downpour cause severe flooding in downtown Port Jefferson. On Arden Place the waters rose so high that cars were practically underwater and people were hiking up their pant legs and huffing it barefoot to their cars (including state sen. Ken LaValle.)

These photos were taken at the height of the flooding and just minutes after the waters receeded. Flip between them to see how high the water rose.

Elliot Perry September 30, 2012 at 02:13 AM
We left Mather Hospital heading to Setauket and started through to Pt. Jeff. We ended turning around as we passed Infant Jesus and went uphill to a better place called High Street. We ended up the long way to a restaurant in Setrauket. Pt. Jeff was floating away!
figboy 54 October 01, 2012 at 03:12 PM
What can be said? , From up on Thompson Street the sound no one wanted to here , was it the St. Charles Hospital sump again? Breached by the torrential downpour? No, thankfully this time just rain from above, washing down the street , bringing gravel and dirt with it, jumping curbs and entering stores , flooding basements and filling the Gap parking lot. I have had enough of this incompetence and delays from the Village. Basic street and drainage infrastructure needs to be improved to pj flood2.docprevent the loss of income to the business that are trying to hang on in tough economic times. God forbid , what if this had happened on the most important day in the village calendar? The Halloween dog parade. Can you imagine the small dogs swept away in the deluge, perhaps a pug , dachshund or chiwawa. It would come too fast for the owners to scoop them up in there arms. All that would be left, a pugs Darth Vader mask and cape, stuck in a nonfunctioning drainage inlet, a dachshund’s hot dog roll costume , just sticking out from a car bumper and a chiwawa’s tutu wrapped around a metered parking kiosk. Out in the harbor, their poor bodies, tuned to chum, sucked through the bow thruster as the Grand Republic pivots for Bridgeport. Sometimes I feel I should be on it, headed for Bridgeport, never to return to Port Jefferson. No wonder we are being over taken by the Chinese , they invest in there infrastructure, we ignore it , we overindulge our dogs, they eat them.


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