Report: In the Middle of a Blizzard, a Baby is Born

Couple from Selden have baby on Saturday morning at St. Charles Hospital.

Harper Perretta woke her husband Scott in theri Coram home early on Saturday to tell him he needed to get her to the hospital. The couple was about to have their third baby, in the middle of a blizzard no less.

According to a report in Newsday, Mr. Perretta made several attempts to clear a path for their car but that wasn't working. It took a concerted effort between emergency services and snow clearing crews to get the couple to St. Charles Hospital.

According to hospital spokesperson Marilyn Fabbricante, the hospital had been prepared for the storm anticipating that emergencies and unexpected events don't always happen on sunny days.

"We have sleeping arrangements at the hospital for staff to use to either come in prior to their shift or stay and sleep after their shift," Fabbricante told Patch by email. "We also provide transportation for staff who aren't able to get in."

Click here to read the entire story on Newsday (subscription required.)


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