Video: Identified Flying Object Watches Polar Plunge From the Skies

If you were at the Polar Plunge on Saturday and got the feeling that you were being watched, you were right.

The Brookhaven Town Polar Plunge at Cedar Beach in Mt. Sinai was visited by characters from both science fiction and scientific fact on Saturday. There was Darth Vader, some Stormtroopers and an aerial surveillance droid watched from high overhead, recording the whole event.

At the controls down the beach was Matt Adams, one of the principals in an East Moriches company called Skycopter that is marking the engineering technology. Adams was testing out his flying video drone that he hopes to sell to first responders. He said that the three most important aspects of a flying surveillance device are all coming together for the marketplace in his machine: lifting capacity, duration and stability. The robotic device is powered by batteries that can stay up for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. It’s radio controlled by a handheld remote and has a built in GPS so that it can find its way back to the user if needed.

“It’s a great tool,” Adams said. “It can be used in a good and bad way.”

He hopes law enforcement and fire departments will use it in a good way, for situational awareness to help them do their jobs more safely. He predicted the technology would be ready for market within the next 60 days.


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