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2013 Zabby Now for Brookhaven Highway Superintendent!

Write-in vote "Zabby" for Brookhaven Highway Superintendent, in the Special Election, March 5, 2013. Zabby, as the People's accountant, secured Government Access TV, Ch.18, to keep gov't accountable.

Letter to the Editor:

          Zabby, a write-in candidate, is running for Brookhaven Town Superintendent of Highways, in the Special Election, to be held on March 5, 2013. Zabby is most known for the establishment of the Government Channel, on Cable TV. Zabby is also well known for her radio show, “A Woman's Perspective on Politics,” at WUSB Stony Brook.

          Zabby is a lifetime political analyst with a Master's Degree in sociology, along with a degree in accounting. Zabby is committed to the rights of union workers, taxpayers, and average working people. She has always supported their right to receive respectful wages and not be taxed to death.

          Presently, 39% of every Brookhaven Town tax dollar, intended to be spent on highways, is used to pay debt service to banks that loaned money to Brookhaven Town. Inept, corrupt, greedy town officials borrowed bank money, unnecessarily, to make that money available for skim, corruption, and pork barrel deals.

          Brookhaven Town Supervisor, Ed Romaine, wants every dollar paid back to the banks, without total negotiation or arbitration. Ed Romaine is forgetting that unrequired bank loans, were made in pretend dollars, monopoly money, ghost money that evaporated with the economic collapse. Now, the taxpayer is expected to pay back the bank debt in depression dollars without arbitration to settle on an equitable, re-adjusted interest, and a flat-out partial forgiveness of principle on each and every bank loan. Zabby demands arbitration as a fundamental right of the taxpayer.

          Zabby is an accountant who has pioneered accountancy techniques in tracking the social cost, benefits, and efficiency of town and county operations and laws.

          If Zabby has been able to secure Government Access Television, when a major corporation and the government did not want to cooperate, then Zabby will as Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent secure arbitration for the taxpayers of Brookhaven Town and fight to lower the principal and interest presently owed to the banks for loans that were never needed.

          If Zabby is elected by the People, she will...Pave the Way to a better Town Government.

          So, write-in “Zabby” on the last line of your ballot under the column “Superintendent of Highways” on March 5th.

                                                                                      Ken Churchill                                                                                       Press Agent
                                                                                     (631) 569-6802


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Rich from Selden February 11, 2013 at 03:42 PM
I agree we are taxed to death, that’s why longtime locals call this township “Crookhaven.” I’m not sure which should raise more concern, a highway department entrenched fixture like the 17 term run of Harold Malkmes or people who will use any open seat as a stepping stone for their political career. Our roads and parks are too vital to even consider ANYONE that does not have a background in the construction and maintenance of thoroughfares, building projects, and recreational facilities management. Let’s find someone that wants THIS JOB for the long haul: to make our streets safe during blizzards, fill potholes in the spring, and resurface roads when needed, not just before re-election runs. As far as money, start with a serious crackdown on illegal apartments. People in this town playing by the Assessory Apartment rules pay higher taxes providing safer housing. Those ignoring the law do not pay the additional taxes. Their tenants not only live in dwellings not up to safety code, but they use all the resources, (such as our roads, parks, schools, etc.), for free while honest residents pick up the additional costs! Fix THAT problem and we might have the revenues to dissolve our debts with principle payments. Rich from Selden


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