It's Time for Second Chances

If you aren't feeling grateful this holiday season, I have a couple of ideas that might help.

I am a big believer in second chances.

When I got caught up in a huge corporate lay off at my last job in NYC, I was devastated, thinking I would never feel so at home at another job again. I was wrong. I was married once and when that ended, I went into hibernation, thinking that was my only hope for love and I would never find anyone ever again. I was beyond wrong. I’ve learned, painfully, that sometimes things have to happen in order to prepare me for knowing and appreciating where I am truly supposed to be and who I am truly meant to be with. I will always be the first to admit I went through a dark time and came out the other side happier and more fulfilled than I would’ve ever thought possible

Admittedly I tend towards the dramatic.

Anyway. I mention this because as you all know, we’re supposed to be counting our numerous blessings this time of year. Quite honestly, it’s like the entire universe goes out of it’s way to shove guilt induced gratitude down our throats along with high calorie foods and mulled wine.

I don’t buy into any of that. Therefore this blog officially absolves everyone out there who just isn‘t feeling it. Some of my own friends are going through a very hard time right now and if they don’t feel grateful, well then not only do I understand and relate, I don’t blame them. I say if you want to wallow in your misery and growl at everyone who’s happy, you just go right ahead. I’ve done it in the past and I’m a big enough person to publicly admit it.

That being said most, if not all, of you out there realize on some level that your difficult time will pass and you will be offered a second chance at happiness. So while you’re being snarly, passing on the egg nog mixer and heading straight to the rum, take a minute to think about who you could offer a second chance to, even if it‘s only for a short time.

Obviously I’m an “animal” person so I always suggest donating to a rescue group. Not a lot but something. Instead of spending $50 on yet another dust collecting knick knack for Aunt Betty (who‘s just gonna re-gift it anyway), spend $45 and pass that other $5 on to an organization that is offering second chances to an animal. Trust me when I say you may not be filled with gratitude this holiday season but that organization will be for every last dime they get.

If you are holed up in your house, unable to bear the thought of going out and seeing all the forced festivity, head right down to a shelter. No one will sit with you and commiserate about how much life sucks quite as well as an animal that’s locked up 23 hours a day. And let’s face it: most of them just want to eat all the holidays decorations anyway which is quite satisfying when you’re filled with an almost unreasonable loathing for them. Plus, they won’t repeat whatever you tell them so you can crab about your boss making you work 60 hours a week for less pay, your mortgage company, your eternally ungrateful children etc all you want without worrying about them gossiping about you.

Nothing you do is ever too small. Remember that. And this too shall pass for you. Remember THAT.

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