Letter to the Editor: Props to Seaford on Combining Schools Post Sandy

Justine LaVolpe explains how satisfied she was with job district officials did combining Seaford's elementary school students after re-opening from Superstorm Sandy.

To the editor:

Everyone is always quick to complain but I am going to give "props" to my daughter's school, Seaford Manor. 

They had to combine both elementary schools into one school because Seaford Harbor School still has no power. I have to admit that I was having anxiety attacks over the chaos that was going to be. However to my surprise, the women greeting the children where all smiles, taking them to the correct areas and the whole school community was working together!

Great Job Seaford!


Justine LaVolpe


Sal Triolo November 12, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Thanks Vo, I actually am a Veteran and working today, but I'll shut my face and won't express my worthless opinions at your request. I'll just keep voting no like the other 50% of the town who finds the all too frequent days off offensive. Then I'll enjoy people like you selling pancakes for Save Seaford Sports. Selling pancakes while the teachers labor costs outpace your families labor increases and taking more days off in the face of adversity. I know as veteran, that's not what I want my children to learn from this experience.
Long Islander November 21, 2012 at 01:05 AM
The fact that you think the entire staff only travels "5 or 10 miles to work" invalidates your idiotic attempt at sarcasm.
Lorraine DeVita November 21, 2012 at 02:22 PM
I hope at least the pancake selling booster club is donating the MONEY they keep raising to the Seaford Chamber Relief Fund rather then spending it on yet another sports related WANT. I for one found it ironic one of our esteemed board members found it MORE imperative to hawk for money at the football games then to actually walk in south seaford to see how ALL the people in the district were effected rather then actualy DOING something CONSTRUCTIVE to help. Seems MOSt of our Board members were conspicuosly ABSENT from ANY efforts... and i truly hope HE realizes his actions and priorities did NOT go unnoticed. I also dont consider walking a few blocks in high heeled bootsas being proactively engaged or constructively helping.again THAt didint go unnoticed either. Perhaps because it is the NIMBY syndrom where ALL of our board members are MANOR residents and werent/ arent effected AS dramaticaly or severly as those south of merrick road.
Lorraine DeVita November 21, 2012 at 02:26 PM
common sense people- the EMPLOYEES do not dictate when the business is open or closed - its the EMPLOYER.. I have no problem placing blame on the appropriate shoulders , this time it wasnt a teacher issue.... it was an administrative/board issue. if your going hunting ; point the gun at the right target....
Lorraine DeVita November 24, 2012 at 01:52 PM
While Sandy has been a Major issue in Seaford from which many are still affected , we have another MAJOR ISSUE looming before us - The sale of the Seaford Ave. School slated for a referendum vote in a few days. I Hope MANY realize that the SALE of this school is something we need to take very seriously. In light of what happened with the storm are we truly ready to sell a buidling that could have been utilized as a relief center, a viable alternative school option etc. Yes it is an expensive propostion to restore but no more so then the field of dreams investment. Are we going to sell an asset to a developer just to get rid of it for a lousy 5 mil in 2 years and 500k per year in tax revenue or are we as a community going to look long term and possibly realize that somewhere down the road we may need this building in the future and be proactive in looking at ways to refurbish it . I for one would rather see a combination of options a compormise so to speak.. Sell PART of the property to a single family home developer and utilize those funds to revitalize and refurbish the school for future use. Please vote NO to allow this community the time to heal from Sandy and look for more family friendly community friendly alternatives that will serve this community in the best possible way now and in the future.


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