Question: Does the Lawrence Aviation Site Still Pose a Danger?

There were two fires at the site in the last month.

On Sunday at the Lawrence Aviation site on Sheep Pasture Road in Port Jefferson, the in the past month.

The site, formerly occupied by the aviation company, has been a source of controversy for years, and plans to clean up the brownfield and caused by years of chemical dumping there continue to take shape.

With the recent fires, it calls to mind the safety of the property to the surrounding homes and businesses.

Patch wants to know what you think. Aside from the remnants of the toxic plum that the EPA is working to clean up, is the Lawrence Aviation site still a danger and a health hazard?

Rick September 06, 2011 at 01:13 PM
Being related to a firefighter, my basic concern here is that should a fire develop in one of the buildings in the back of the property, would the firmen be exposed to smoke from dangerous burning chemicals. In my opinion, the village and/or town should condemn the buildings as a hazard, and move to demolish all the buildings on site. It seems to me that by condemning the buildings as an obvious, immediate, and demonstrable hazard to public safety, we could move beyond any legal opposition the owner may have to demolishing the buildings. Do we have to wait for either a fireman, or a member of the community immediately adjacent to the site to be hurt before action can be taken?


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