Readers Think Port Jeff is Getting More Dangerous

After a robbery at knifepoint in the Port Jefferson Station IHOP, readers spoke up about crime in the area.

A has made people in the area worried for their safety. It also puts a spotlight on an area of Port Jefferson that has been the focus of debate for many years: upper Port Jefferson and Route 112 in Port Jefferson Station.

if they thought that the area was getting more dangerous on Monday. Here’s what they had to say:

Tim Needles, a local artist and writer from the area tweeted that sometimes the uptown area “reminds me of the dystopian future.” Specifically he said it brings back the image of the movie Back to the Future 2 to him.

In answer to our query Joseph J. Neuschatz M.D. said that “as long as laws are not enforced, criminals will become more and more daring.”

He had an idea that harkens back to the broken-window theory of police work.

“How about starting by punishing simple infractions like the ugly and illegal posting of ads on utility poles?” he asked. “The enforcement is easy: the phone numbers of the culprits are always posted. And the money they will have to pay, will surely not hurt our suffering budgets.”

“Robbing an IHOP at 7:30 a.m. and not taking from the register means only one thing: drugs,” said Bill Lynch. “Port Jefferson (near the station) is getting worse and worse. Its drug abusers looking for their next fix. Something needs to be done about it.”

He said that he won’t let his son “walk across the street to buy a soda in broad daylight.”

“Bring the beat cops back,” Lynch exclaimed.

An anonymous poster called it  “a shame what has become of this town.”

“I was born and raised here and in this day and age I can not believe it is the same place,” the poster said.

Finally, Matt, a resident for 35 years said that “within the past two years, my car and house have been broken into. Within the past two weeks, my neighbor's cars and houses have been broken into.”

He said that he sees drug deals on the corner of his street and “more and more kids walk around breaking into cars and houses for drug money.” 

“I wanted to raise my kids in the same town where I grew up,” he said. “Sadly, my wife and I have changed our minds about that.”

What do you think? Is Port Jefferson more crime ridden that before?

lisa September 20, 2011 at 04:51 PM
i have lived in port jefferson station for 40 years, i too am appalled at what i see happening, the shady characters looming and the litter as well, most especially from the PJS post office shoppining center to just past the railroad tracks. something needs to be done to preserve this once beautiful, desirable town. it's a sad shame. it's emabarrasing.
Judith Link September 20, 2011 at 10:07 PM
Start praying,people.God is the only one that can change things for the better. Get on your knees and watch what happens! Being a Port Jeffersonian for 51 yrs,I know of what I speak. GOD!!!!!"!"
Pete September 21, 2011 at 01:05 AM
I've lived in Port Jeff all my life and I'm sad to see what has become of upper Port. Between the homless, drug deals on the street,empty stores,vandalism,assaults & robberies. It's time for the powers to be to open thier eyes to the real problem's of the village instead of worring about what movie to watch on the big screen at the harbor lawn. Not to mention spending $5000 apiece for trash cans when the real trash walks our streets. Wake up people before its really to late
John September 21, 2011 at 02:40 PM
For about a week I have been trying to find a local official I can contact in order to talk about this. Main St/112 in Port Jeff Station is a dump and an embarrassment. After 7 years of living in PJ Station I'm ready to call it quits. Judging by the number of buildings just left vacant, in some cases for years (104 Main St, Jack in the Box, the tile place/Cosmo's, Subaru, 84 Lumber, the tire place, the shady diner, the tuxedo shop...) businesses don't want to move into the area. And why would they? Early in the morning Main St by the train station is loaded with migrant workers. For the rest of the day you don't have to be a cop to notice the guys flagging gang colors and just sitting around on the sidewalk. Leaving your car parked in or around the train station lot is ill advised. There is always broken window glass on the ground, and I often hear about cars disappearing or being vandalized. My friend's daughter's car was stolen from there just two nights ago. If there's one good thing that's come from the two years of construction on 112/Main, it's that 7-11 was finally forced to take down the "We accept food stamps" sign, which really classed up the area. And Port Jeff Gas is closed for renovations for a while, so at least they can't sell loosies to the constant flow of shady people. With the exception of hawking for DWI's, it's rare to see a cop in the area and certainly never one out of their car. Something has to change or it will only get worse.


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