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Silver Alert Issued for Missing Port Jeff Man

Drivers Warned to Stay Off Roads Even as Weather Conditions Improve

Many non-working traffic lights remain unmanned by police.

After Hurricane Sandy conditions throughout Port Jefferson and Port Jefferson Station were very dangerous and police are warning residents to stay off the roads.

Traffic lights were dark in the area as of Tuesday afternoon, most with no police on hand to direct cars. At 9:30 a.m., of the only traffic lights with a police presence for most of the day was the intersection of Jayne Boulevard and Route 347. A traffic light had been knocked down due to high winds. Due to the hanging traffic light police were forced to direct traffic and block certain areas off.

Route 112 heading both north and south over Route 347 also remained shut down for most of the day, with police there directing traffic and blocking off the road with flares and cones. Coming south on Route 112, police were diverting drivers down Jayne Boulevard.

Heading west on Route 347, drivers were unable to make a right by BP gas station due to a broken pole. The light on Route 347 and Terryville Road was also out. No one was there directing traffic. Some drivers took extreme caution, others continued to drive not paying much attention.

Lines were seen outside Panera Bread before it even opened. McDonald's and Wendy's were both still closed. People lined up outside of Dunkin' Donuts waiting for hot coffee after losing electric from Hurricane Sandy.

Heading down to Main Street, the traffic light at Sheep Pasture was still out. Downtown by Danford’s and the Port Jefferson Ferry was no longer flooded in the morning. All roads were open but businesses were still closed. Tape was visible on glass doors and windows. Outside of Chase Bank and other businesses on Main Street were sandbags blocking the doorways.

Pedestrians could be seen walking along the streets and traffic was busy heading through the village despite the warnings to stay home.

In Port Jefferson STation, areas of Jayne Boulevard were blocked off due to fallen trees and downed power lines. Yellow police tape was often seen on side streets off of Jayne Boulevard. Trees pulled out of the ground on the corner of Superior and Dillon Avenues. There were also downed trees on the corner of Ontario Street and Clinton Avenue in Port Jefferson Station.

Route 112 heading south via Roosevelt Avenue from Jayne Boulevard was clear. Traffic lights were working and traffic was light. Side streets on Junard Boulevard, Crystal Brook Hollow Road and Davis Avenue were blocked off from down trees. There was no access to Route 347 via Davis Avenue due to a downed tree. It was the same at Crystal Brook Hollow Road via Jayne Boulevard.

Police are urging residents to refrain from driving until conditions improve.

“In spite of improving weather conditions, driving conditions continue to be extremely dangerous due to flooding, downed electrical wires, fallen trees and non-working traffic lights,” said a statement released by Suffolk County Police Department.

When approaching an intersection with a broken traffic light, New York State law says it should be treated as an all-way stop, according to police.


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