Incident Report: Rubber Check Bounces in Port Jefferson Station

Also this week, cut screens on Myrtle Avenue and harrasing phone calls to Pep Boys.

On Aug. 20 somebody called police about a phony check. Police report that someone from Estates Drive in Port Jefferson Station said that his bank called to tell him that a check he recently deposited was fraudulent after the money had been made available in his account and was withdrawn. The person had already written another check against the deposit to someone else in another state.

On Aug. 21 at about 11:45 p.m. a resident on Myrtle Avenue in Port Jefferson called police about two screens on a house being bent and cut. There was no report of anything missing from the home.

Someone on Norwood Avenue in Port Jefferson Station called police on Aug. 23 at about 2:00 a.m. to complain about receiving threatening text messages.

An employee from in Port Jefferson Station called police on Aug. 24 at about 8:30 a.m. to report that someone was calling the store and making threats.

Police were called to Danford’s Hotel and Marina on Aug. 25 at about 1:10 a.m. for a disturbance involving a small group of people in the lobby. According to a police report, multiple police units responded but no arrests were made and no charges were filed.

Someone called police on Aug. 25 at about 1:19 a.m. to complain that the windshield of a car in the parking lot outside of Pace’s Steakhouse in Port Jefferson had been broken.


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