Manager: Cabbie Fought Off His Attackers Before Mount Sinai Crash

Driver is still at Stony Brook Hospital recovering from injuries.

A cabbie fought off attackers who beat and shot at him in an attempted robbery on Saturday morning and flip on its side, according to the manager of Lindy’s Taxi and police reports.

Bob McGrane, manager of the Mt Sinai location of Lindy’s Taxi praised his driver on Tuesday as he recounted the harrowing tale during a phone interview.

"He’s definitely a hero," McGrane said.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the cab driver–whose name was withheld by his manager when describing the scene–was dispatched to Pine Street in Port Jefferson Station. According to McGrane, two men came from behind the house and got into the cab asking to be taken to an address in Amityville.

Police identified the men as William Hill, 29, and Anthony Cheever, 22, both of the same address on Pine Street in Port Jeff Station.

Because of the long trip and expense, the driver asked for the fare upfront but the men told him that money was waiting for them at their destination. When the driver refused to take them without being paid first, one of the men grabbed him and started punching him in the face. The driver sped off while he was being attacked, which is when things escalated said McGrane.

“One of the guys turned to the other guy and said ‘kill him,’” he said.

The story gets even more incredible.

One of the men then pulled out a shotgun, blowing out the side window of the car. Thinking fast the driver grabbed the barrel of the gun while still steering with his free hand and getting beat up.

“He said to them ‘you guys are going for a ride,’” said McGrane.

The driver hit the gas and sped down Mt. Sinai Avenue. When he attempted to turn into the Sunoco gas station at the end of the street, the he lost control of the vehicle and crashed, turning the car on its side. When police arrived, the driver was out of the car and the two men were pinned inside.

At some point during the melee, according to McGrane, the driver was able to call into his dispatch office to tell them that he was being robbed and they called 911.

Hill and Cheever were charged with first-degree reckless endangerment by police. According to McGrane the cab driver is still at Stony Brook Hospital with a neck injury.

tori c March 18, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Considering the cab driver did a live interview on news 7 and said that hill and cheever stated they were not robbing him how is it a attempted robbery ?
K. March 19, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Maybe because they wanted a ride with no intent to pay; attempted robbery of services?
pjsresident June 14, 2012 at 04:05 AM
What I do not understand is that several children live in the house that these men listed as their address on Pine street - it is located on the corner of Pine st & Oakwood.....people go in and out at all hours, cars with license plates from other states as well as NY are always parked on the road and in the driveway....the house is ramshackled.....garage is always open as if something not right is going on, people are in the streets at all hours.....an 11 year old boy that resides there passed out in school in October of 2010 reporting he had not eaten in days after attending a funeral the night before for a friend's mother who died of a drug overdose....it is obviously a drug house and the adults who live there are unfit to care for the several children that reside in the dwelling....why is social services not involved???? Why have has the 4th grade boy and 7th grade girl that are attending the Comsewogue SD not been removed from the home??? It is a travesty
Matthew Lott June 14, 2012 at 11:31 AM
It's called "drug den", pjresident ! You know, "illegal apartment" on top of that...like the ones in "Upper Port" ?
pjsresident June 14, 2012 at 08:32 PM
I know exactly what it is....I have to drive by it every day....and there are kids that are allowed to live there - toddlers as well as older ones that are in the SD....what I dont understand is why the children have not been removed out of that situation. The 5th grade boy has been in trouble numerous times at school - bringing in weapons, attempting to steal from a parent....it is known that that is where the adults and kids go to score and then flop for whatever length of time....you can see right in the windows since there are no curtains - not even on the bedroom windows. It is disgusting that children are allowed to remain in such a horrible environment....you cant help but expect them to do the things they do - look at the adults that are supposed to be raising them - it sickens me.


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