Mt. Sinai Crash Sends Multiple Victims to Hospital

Five reported victims with injuries resulting from two-car crash.

Five people sustained non-life threatening injuries in a two-car collision while passing the intersection of Echo Avenue and Route 25A in Mt. Sinai Friday night into Saturday morning.

According to officials on scene, five people were transported to Stony Brook University Medical Center, and St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson. 

The Mt. Sinai Fire Department was called shortly after midnight.  Ambulances from Port Jefferson Volunteer Ambulance Corps., Miller Place, Sound Beach, and Terryville Fire Departments were requested.

The crash is under investigation, according to Suffolk Police.

On June 23, occurred in the same intersection at approximately 10 p.m. Three occupants were transported to local hospitals suffering from non-life threatening injuries. One driver was reported to be extricated from her vehicle, and another was arrested for DWI. 

Tom July 30, 2011 at 01:21 PM
I live right there and as I have said in the past the Echo Ave Merge is a crash waiting to happen. It's Not Legal to have a merge there when you have a business and and another street in the merge lane. You are not allowed to make a turn from a Merging lane. Cars on Echo Ave. merge onto 25A at 30-40 MPH and heven help the person trying to turn into Mt. Sinai Car Care. I'm sure it's a loss of business also because of the danger involved turning in. Another problem is people try to make U-Turns from that light which is not legal. The Highway dept. never responded to my request to look into this. So now we have had several crashes and still nothing is being done. I don't know what made me think they would look into it. It's over a year.
MaryKat July 31, 2011 at 01:23 AM
How many people are going to die or be seriously injured before this intersection and stretch of highway is revised? Come on Suffolk... !!
Erin Volpe July 31, 2011 at 04:49 AM
thank god my cousin is ok!
Paul Kersey August 01, 2011 at 02:10 PM
"Wonder if anything can be done to prevent future accidents...." Not running red lights would be a good start.
felicia edwards August 12, 2011 at 05:44 PM
i also agree it is an extremely dangerous spot....i have seen several accidents there and am almost involved myself when people decide to come to complete stop when your supposed to drive with caution..Something needs to be done...


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