10 Stories About the LIPA Power Plant

One of the biggest issues in Port Jefferson resolves around the power plant.

The year started out with a call for a public meeting to talk about the implications a tax grievance by LIPA on taxes paid on the National Grid-owned power plant in Port Jefferson. By the end of the year a grassroots movement formed to address the issue. In between there was a lot of back and forth on the issue and at one point a temporary agreement was reached on village taxes. In 2012 there will certainly be more sparks flying over the LIPA power plant. Check out the stories we covered over the past year to get up to speed.

Public meeting called for Feb. 17 by the LIPA Task Force to discuss the future of the LIPA power plant in Port Jefferson. 2/7/11

The public meeting called for Feb. 17 by the LIPA Task Force to discuss the future of the LIPA power plant in Port Jefferson is now being held in the High School auditorium.

Repowering the Port Jefferson power plant is main thrust of LIPA Task Force strategy. 2/28/11

The looming expiration of contracts for power between National Grid and LIPA along with the lawsuit brought by LIPA to grieve its taxes may result in a steep revenue loss for Port Jefferson. 3/8/11

LIPA says that negotiating with Port Jefferson is a preferable solution to litigation in tax grievance. 3/16/11

Almost 62 percent of the taxes that LIPA pays Town of Brookhaven go to the Port Jefferson school district while 30 percent of the total village budget comes from LIPA village tax. 3/28/11

Port Jefferson village voluntarily reduces taxes on power plant to buy time to work out a long-term solution with LIPA. 4/6/11

New state law caps property tax increases to a maximum of two percent per year. 6/28/11

State incentives may include brownfield remediation funds and tax credits for anyone looking to repower LIPA plant.

Residents form their own group to bring a local voice to the debate. 11/18/11


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