Five Things to Know About Ed Munoz

The town council candidate tells us in his own words.

Ed Munoz is running on the Republican and Conservative party lines for Brookhaven Town Council's first district, challenging Democratic incumbent Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld. You can watch a video of the two candidates introducing themselves to the community , and read up on what Munoz considers the five most important things about the community and his candidacy. Editor's Note: Fiore-Rosenfeld did not respond to requests for "Five Things" about his campaign.

  • Help our economy grow. I believe the most important issue is getting our economy going. I believe that we need to redevelop unused property to get businesses back in the area and the creation of jobs while preserving and protecting our land. There are many companies that we can bring into our area which can help boost our economy.
  • Be a full time Councilman. I believe another important issue is being a full time councilman. The job of councilman should be a 24/7 position. People should feel that their councilman should be looking out for them all the time. My decisions will be made answering the one question, what is best for the residents of the 1st Town Council District. I will stand on what I call the three A’s, Accountability, Accessibility and Attitude.
  • Refuse All Perks. Additionally I feel I should take responsibility for my own family and not have the residents support them. By that I mean, I will not be taking the perks such as: vehicle, cell phone, health insurance as well as not entering the pension system. I have health insurance and I will not double dip.
  • Help our youth. I also want to be able to explore what is out there for our youth. Take a full inventory on what the Town is already providing and try to expand on them. They are our future and deserve more from their Councilman.
  • Unify. I would like to be a leader and unify our community. We need to unify our parties and work together and come to common ground when it comes to the residents. We should all be able to work together no matter what the party affiliation is for the best interest of the residents.


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