Legis. Anker Sets Focus on Three-Mile Trail Starting at Tesla Property

Legislator discussing smaller trail with civics.

While a Rails to Trails project from Port Jefferson Station to Wading River has been discussed, Legis. Sarah Anker, D-Mt. Sinai, has turned her focus to a smaller trail beginning at Tesla property in Shoreham.

As Anker told Patch in December, she would begin looking at the possibility of this smaller three-mile trail as opposed to the originally proposed 10-mile trail over the long-abandoned LIRR Wading River extension line from Mt. Sinai to Wading River.

“Rails to Trails is a wonderful project that will provide residents with outdoor enjoyment while increasing the economic value to our area,” Anker said. “I am meeting with the Shoreham and Wading River Civics, LIPA and the County Executive’s office to discuss cost and liability agreements that are required to move forward with this project.”

Two informational meetings were held on the original project. According to Anker, the three-mile trail being considered will begin by the newly acquired Tesla Museum site and will continue toward Wading River Elementary School, ending at Wading River Manor Road. This new trail would also avoid areas heavily adjacent to homes, such as Rocky Point, which was a main concern.

"The proximity of the trail to the 5,200 acre RCA state preserve will maximize the value to ecotourism," she said. "The result will not only be a local community bike path providing a safe alternative for pedestrian traffic; it will be an investment in the future of our local economy.”

Would you like to see a three-mile trail? Would you prefer the originally proposed 10-mile trail beginning in Port Jefferson Station, or would you rather there be no trail created at all?

Joan Nickeson January 18, 2013 at 12:53 PM
Lon, this will not go into Port Jefferson, but Port Jefferson Station.
Lon Cohen January 18, 2013 at 01:47 PM
Hi Joan, I will make the change in the article. Thanks for catching that. - Lon
Gerard Hall May 20, 2013 at 03:25 AM
I have been looking forward to have this 10 mile trail in this area for years . It would be great not to have to drive into Bethpage Park to be able to enjoy a safe day of bike riding. A 3 mile trail that starts in the middle is kind of pointless. Many would still have to drive to the starting point with their bikes
Andy Sarabia January 06, 2014 at 01:23 PM
The 3 mi path is a good start but the full 10 miles should be done. Also it should continue east past Wading River rd to where the LIPA/PSE&G property crosses N. Country rd. The trail would then end due North of where the North end of the Calverton Mountain Bike Trail ends on Rt 25A. The South end of the Calverton trail ends across Rt 25 from Enterprise Park and the 10.3 mi partially completed path around the entire Grumman property. Being able to Hike/Bike from Rt 25A in Setaket all the way to Enterprise Park off road except from Rt 112 to Crystal Brook Hollow would be a World Class Trail attracting hikers and bikers from all over!!
brookhavenconfucius January 29, 2014 at 04:28 PM
Is THIS ALL "Dumb As An" Anker can do there in the County legislature ? She screwed Miller Place residents, by exempting Rocky Point from her TRAIL TO NOWHERE, and somehow, 'lost' around $2 Million Dollars of tax payer money on this booddaggle... SCREW the Bike Riders and their tax payer funded 'trail' !


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