Mayor: Keep off the Roads in Port Jefferson

Down trees and debris will cause havoc for drivers.

Mayor Margot Garant said that there is debris in the streets and "many, many trees down" all over Port Jefferson. Garant is telling people to stay home in the morning so the village can effectively clear the debris.

"The roads are going to be dangerous tomorrow," she said.

At about 10 a.m. the water was being pushed up Main Street by the wind and high tide, which is at around midnight on Monday.

Garant reported 20 foot waves at East Beach and water up tot the second step of Village Hall.

"Mill Creek overflowed the little bridge behind Village Hall," she said.

On the roads, Chief Wally Tomaszewski said Main Street is flooded up to Starbucks. Code officers were out in the village making sure everyone is safe and to prevent people from coming down to the desserted stores.

"My guys are here all night," he said.


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