Mayor: Port Jefferson Village is Closed, Stay Home

Officials urge people to stay off the roads so clearing can be done.

The Mayor of Port Jefferson said that the village is closed on Saturday following the massive blizzard that dumped snow over the area overnight.

"The Village of Port Jefferson has realized upwards of three feet of snow and snow drifts of over five feet," Mayor Margot Garant said in an email to Patch. "People need to stay off the roads. DPW is working on opening roads for emergency purposes. Outside contractors are working on clearing snow from sidewalks and parking lots. Please stay off the roads."

Garant said that the process of clearing snow will be long and they can get the job done "so long as people stay home until further notice."

"Heavy equipment is out but can only operate when people aren't out driving, waking and flying by on snowmobiles," she said.

She stressed in a note to Patch that downtown is closed and the village is working to get the roads open for emergency vehicles.

In the meantime, send us your pictures of what the snow looks like in your neighborhood. Click here and share your photos in our 2013 Blizzard gallery.

Mels Ditties February 09, 2013 at 04:12 PM
Anyone have eyes on Main St, upper port?....We have to have sidewalks cleared up there and really can't get out of the driveway here...Need to know if the BID folk have run their paths yet?


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