Northern Brookhaven Locals Support Plan to Scrap LIPA

Readers react to Gov. Cuomo's Moreland Commission recommendation to shutter utility company.

Superstorm Sandy and its aftermath tore through the Northeast region back in October. Months later, the storm may still be tearing something apart.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Moreland Commission recommended Monday to shutter LIPA and replace it [CBS New York] with a private company after its performance, or lack thereof, after Sandy.

Locals in the Northern Brookhaven area responded to the recommendation on Patch Facebook pages and many were in support of scrapping the power company. Here are a few of the comments readers posted Monday:

Carol Bondy

"Something has to change for LIPA."

Colette Adamo Grosso

"This might be on of the best reccomendations Cuomo has made yet. Free enterprise...let new companies come in and compete. The time for poorly managed monopolies is over."

Richie Urnaitis

"Time for him to Lay off more workers you can always count on a Cuomo for that."

Lauren Gitelson

"There is a total lack of year round maintenance on LIPA's part. They always seem to be putting band aids on things and not updating and fixing the problems."

Rich Murdocco

"Sandy highlighted weaknesses in Long Island’s housing, infrastructure and utilities. LIPA’s storm preparedness was grossly inadequate, as was their response in the days afterward. What the region needs is a change from the mistakes made with both LILCO and LIPA. We need a regional strategy for energy on Long Island, and must be open to new approaches."

Have something to say on the matter? Add your comment below.

Alex Hanson January 09, 2013 at 12:46 PM
Careful what you wish for. Many on the board for LIPA were Government appointed (Cuomo) There is a large debt carryover that has to be considered(Remnants of Shoreham). This debt has not been reduced at all since it's inception. So if costs are to considered this is a large driver of such.
Bucknell Barrow January 11, 2013 at 01:25 AM
Get rid of those "appointees" and you can reduce the debt load and overpaid political patronage positions.. Private ownership, with a motivation towards profit might not be such a bad thing. Efficiency and fat trimming towards a greater bottom line and decreased debt load..


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