Some Have a Different Choice to Make on Election Day: Voting or Gasoline?

With the gas shortage continuing into Election Day, Patch wants to know if it will affect your ability to vote.

Many residents are waiting on two lines today: one for gasoline and another to vote. The unfortunately reality is that there is a gas shortage on Long Island, in addition to wide ranging power outages across the area. Long lines at gas stations, homes without power, school closings, temperatures dropping all add to the frustration and anger.

For John Feinberg there wasn't a choice at all. This is a special election for him.

"Nope. I found gas last night at 12:30 a.m. at Mobil in Mt. Sinai," Feinberg wrote on Facebook. "Plus this is my first time I can vote."

Dominic Bourne said he will not be able to vote today.

"Have no gas," he told us on Facebook.

Port Jefferson resident Lauren Hubbard was lucky. She said that she would have no problems with deciding between gas and voting.

"I walked to my polling place," she said.

Patch wants to know if you are able to get out to vote today or if lack of power, school closings or gasoline shortages are preventing you from heading out to vote. Or has this latest storm and the aftermath affected your vote.

Let us know in the comments below.


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