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Readers React: Beach Parking Fees Outrageous

Locals upset over new beach parking fees, liken it to another tax.

One week ago, the . Needless to say, readers were not happy.

Many community members have taken to Patch to voice their opinions on the new fees. Some have called it a backdoor tax, which voted against the fees. Many others vented about the Town as well.

Here are a few of the comments we received on the site. Got an opinion of your own? Weigh in below:

Thanks Brookhaven for sucking more fun out of our beaches as well as cash out of our pockets. So now it is $25 for 2 cars plus the boat ramp fee that last year was $75. Who knows what it will be this year. Then insult to injury...we can't buy it at the beach. But they can collect the $5 daily fee. Is that because we pay minimum wage so we can't expect the them to handle such a large sum of money?

Once again Long Island is imposing more taxes on an already overtaxed population. We need to throw out all of the uncaring individuals who approve such measures and install individuals who care about Long Islanders.

Won't be long before they charge us for the Brookhaven air that we breathe. This is getting out of control!

All this parking sticker fee is, is a backward tax. Isn't the use of the beach supposed to be free activity you and your family can enjoy. What are they going to do during the hours there not covering the booth? Do you really think the 15 year old kid at the front booth is going to be able to stop you as you drive through. We have to repeal this new "tax" and call the parks and recreation office.

Beaches and parks should be open to everyone. This is another tax on the middle class....struggling families will now have to come up with money for another expense.

Alyssa April 19, 2012 at 05:21 PM
I just wish people were this passionate about stopping crime, drugs, and poverty in our community. The only outrageous thing here is people's priorities.
Thomas Lynch April 24, 2012 at 03:02 AM
A number of us are going to the Town meeting tommorrow to speak at "public be heard" around 6 pm. If you want to speak or attend you must register and get a blue card and on the schedule before 6. If you can't attend, please edit or fill out the below (cut and paste it) and email it to my personal email address: T@L-Y-N-C-H.com and I will PRINT your letter and bring it in the stack I have started just today almost 50 high! .......PLEASE be a Brookhaven town resident / taxpayer / voter in one of the Districts of Brookhaven. NOTE: seems i can't seem to post the letter here, there is a 1,500 charactor limit. Here are links to three versions, it doesn't have to be pretty, just a powerful show of taxpayer and angry marina and beach goer support!!!! PLEASE DO THIS TONIGHT or EARLY tommorrow. should not take more then 5 minutes. Cut and paste from one of these and email it back with your contact data and etc. filled in at the bottom. www.l-y-n-c-h.com/BrookhavenParkingTax2012.txt www.l-y-n-c-h.com/BrookhavenParkingTax2012.doc www.l-y-n-c-h.com/BrookhavenParkingTax2012.htm Thank YOU for your concern and getting involved. (why are you still reading? get to the docs and send me that email NOW!!!!!! <smile>)
Dan May 13, 2012 at 08:43 PM
This back door tax is outrageous when it always comes to the taxpayer (who can barely afford to live here on Long Island) paying for things that are already included in our taxes. I pay school taxes that keep getting increased no matter what for kids I never had in the district and one of the few perks was enjoying this beach without having to pay. How about the town doing some hiring (homeowners) in order to pay for these outrageous fees? No, I'm sure that's not in the budget either. We just keep taking the hit. We can barely afford to breath the air on Long Island anymore... I'm sure there's another idea to creat "revenue." I'm moving. This is BS!
Matthew Lott May 13, 2012 at 09:17 PM
What's going to happen when they run out of things to "user fee/ tax" ? it has to be soon.
Miller Place Resident December 21, 2012 at 11:56 AM
This is not the last new "TAX" we will see. If we remember when Allstate's Corporate offices ended it's lease on "Independence Hill" (Bald Hill Property for new folks) no other corporation on the Island wanted this building because of the huge tax and maintence of that facility. Only our Brookhaven Town Executives thought this would be approriate for their offices and now we the people are paying the tax. Now they need more money than ever to pay these lease expenses and any new idea they can come up with to generate more money is their new mandate. Remember the new Beach tax is going into the "general fund" . There were many other property's to lease but our town officials had to have the biggest and the most expensive space in Suffolk county. We will see new and increasing taxes in the future.


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