Gas Shortage Has No Impact On Riverhead School Buses

Despite gas woes across Riverhead, schoolkids have no worries.

Lines are long for gas across Riverhead, with customers sometimes waiting over two hours to fill their tanks -- only to get to the head of the line and find the pump has run dry.

But students in the Riverhead Central School district have no worries that the gas situation will mean they could possibly miss any classes.

On Monday, Superintendent Nancy Carney assured that all of the buses in the school district run on either diesel or propane. Diesel has been easier to find during the current Sandy-induced gas crisis.

"Only our mini-buses or vans use regular gasoline. We are in good shape -- so far," Carney said.

Have you been able to find gas easily in Riverhead on Monday? If so, share your secret with readers in the comments section.

Dawn Betke November 05, 2012 at 07:35 PM
I waited under 30 minutes at the Sunoco in calverton (25 and 25A) this morning, the line wasn't so bad at the Citgo in Calverton either. Things seem to be improving, everyone needs to remember we don't have a gas shortage, its a distribution problem.


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