Mt. Sinai Super: Proposed Increase in State Aid 'Not All That Helpful'

Superintendent Enrico Crocetti said the proposed increase of just over two percent in state aid helps, but not that much.

The Mt. Sinai School District went through a rough budget season in 2012, with an original, cap-busting $55.4 million budget that included a tax levy increase of 4.76 percent falling short of a supermajority.

Additional cuts were made, and a revised budget with a levy increase down at the cap of 2.13 percent passed with 67 percent approval. With almost a year under new Superintendent Enrico Crocetti’s belt, he and the Board of Education will look to have a smoother budget process this year and have already held a budget workshop to initiate the process. The first hearing did not touch on instructional and staff changes, typically the most controversial points for voters.

Taking a look at state aid estimated in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget, Mt. Sinai would see a slight increase in aid of $367,725, or 2.53 percent. While it’s an increase, Crocetti doesn’t look at it as very significant.

“Yes we did get a little bit more, but it’s not all that helpful,” he said. “It’s kind of like getting a little bit more on your tax return. It’s not going to change the course of the ship, but it does help us a little bit.”

Estimated increases include BOCES and special services, hardware and technology, software, library and textbook and transportation. Total aid for 2013-14 is estimated at $14,884,300.

“I think people misunderstand what an increase in state aid is,” Crocetti said. “It is not dramatic and it’s not sustainable, so you’re not going to hire somebody for a lost position, for example, because that person wouldn’t be able to stay on for next year. Cuomo made it clear that this is not sustainable.”

Anton January 27, 2013 at 07:00 AM
Not enough...well the last super was making over $400,000/yr+benefits, I wonder what this one's getting. Salary cuts up top will free up more dollars, maybe that should be considered.


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