Port Jefferson Students Continue To Show Thanks

Students of all ages show their Thanksgiving support with different holiday events throughout the district.

Courtesy of The Port Jefferson School District
Courtesy of The Port Jefferson School District
Students from the, Port Jefferson School District, have been working hard to help one another make healthier lifestyle choices. District-wide the students came together to polish their hospitality skills and work as a team to make this year's Thanksgiving one of the best. 

According to the district, the elementary school hosted it's own Thanksgiving feast for family, friends, and staff. Students in Kristen Poulos and Karen Stamatopoulos’s class were offered homemade Thanksgiving-themed entrees, beverages and desserts and were given handmade Thanksgiving cards according to the district.

While the elementary school threw a Thanksgiving feast, the middle school students worked on helping others. 

The middle school Student Council hosted its annual Senior Citizens’ Luncheon for members of the Port Jefferson Senior Center. Guests were served a traditional Thanksgiving meal by student representatives and were treated to musical performances by sixth-grade violinist Elizabeth Chun and the high school chamber orchestra.

Additionally, all those who attended were able to mingle with one another, make a new friend, and play some holiday games. 

The holiday traditions continued all the way up to the high school as students in Dinarae Camarda’s Wellness and Fitness class gathered together for their first annual Healthy Thanksgiving Celebration. The idea behind the event was to give students an alternative to Thanksgiving meals and learn how to make healthy dishes for the holiday. 

Camarda showed the almost 80 participants how food actually affects there bodies and how to make dishes that are gluten-free, organic, vegan and Paleo Diet-friendly.

Get Off My Lawn December 02, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Unfortunately Children must not be allowed to freely explore their environment or playfully interact with it without being coerced towards an external measurable result. This is done through placing twenty or thirty children in one room, getting them all to do one thing, then rewarding them with positive attention and praise for producing a right answer. If the student cannot produce the right answer she is wrong, and does not win any positive attention or praise (or if her answer is particularly wrong, she is stupid and is laughed at). In addition to positive attention, praise or, in many cases, the relief of getting the right answer when asked, the child must also be rewarded with prizes for good marks, stars, grades, numbers and prestige. The child must be tested repeatedly and the results and league tables displayed. The result of all these rewards is that the child will understand that original experience and the unknown are inevitably punished with disgrace and public failure, that life is a competition and that the main motivations for action are pride, fear and envy. He will begin to display the same behavioral characteristics as students the world over: competitiveness, snobbishness and exclusivity. He will focus on getting right answers, attention, marks, prizes, status and stimulation rather than on enjoying, understanding or perceiving what is going on; his own honest, ungovernable, and therefore socially disruptive, experience.


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