Protesters to Picket Common Core Outside TV Studio

A protest against the federal learning standards will be held in front of News 12 at 4 p.m. Monday.

On Monday, protesters are expected to stand outside of the News 12 studio in Woodbury to demand Gov. Andrew Cuomo to fix it or scrap the controversial new Common Core curriculum.

Teachers, students, residents, and concerned parents have been rallying for months in hopes of making a change to the Common Core federal learning standards, which has caused havoc in districts between implementation, high stakes testing, and endless fees. 

Protesters plan to remind the governor that the controversy hasn’t been resolved with last week’s elimination of a duplicate math exam and that they are not satisfied. New York State Commissioner John King wavered the exam that nearly 60,000 advanced seventh- and eighth-grade students who would have had to take a math Regents and then grade-level math assessment. However, many say that is not enough.

"We will call on the media to get our message out. We will bring signs, placards, [and] bullhorns. We will apply as much pressure and generate as much noise as humanly possible," said a protester on the Facebook's event page. "We will post this activity to every social media outlet and make it go viral."

The protest will take place statewide, but the group listed News 12 Long Island as one of the rally locations.

Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk Counties)

News 12 Long Island

1 Media Crossways 

Woodbury, NY 11797 


E-mail: LIDesk@News12.com 

Will you be at the common core protest? Let us know by taking photos or writing comments with the hashtag #commoncoreprotest

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